Mindo -> Quito

Total Miles Covered So Far: 1320

2/8/17 - 2/17/17


I really didn’t love Quito. It’s a big sprawling city, and as a result has a serious air quality problem. You’re pretty much in a cloud of smoke all the time and frequently when I was riding the bike through the city I would have a truck or a bus blow a cloud of deisel smoke around me so thick I’d lose visibility.

My focus for Quito was spanish lessons and I did do a solid week of 4 hour a day spanish classes. I wasn’t convinced it helped much as I was doing it but in the week or two after I started noticing I was understanding more so I think it did sink in a little. My Spanish is still pretty bad though…

Besides that I met a few cool people and Quito has some amazing Gothic architecture as well as some really good coffee shops but I was ready to go after a week…